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So I’m here on a Friday night just watching a movie and editing photos. Husband is away until tomorrow, baby is asleep, and I felt kind of pathetic for a few minutes…. then as I was editing the photo above, I realized how much I adore my job. I get to share one of the […]

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I was looking forward to this Wedding ever since I did their Engagement Session back in August of 2010.. They had such great energy about them and never held back their personalities! Candace, who is a beautiful, blue eyed blonde and Josh, a tall, dark, and handsome gentlemen, made my job easy with their genuine […]

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Alright, this wedding was AMAZING. I loved photographing Anne and Andy’s wedding; it was serene, elegant, emotional, and simply beautiful. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! I’m 8.5 months pregnant, and you would have thought I’d be burning up since it was an outdoor wedding, but the breeze from the water was perfect; it […]

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