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Emory and Betsy’s wedding was a dream. I have never photographed a wedding where the ceremony and reception took place at a residential home! The ceremony and reception both took place at Betsy’s parent’s house! It was perfect and it did not seem like it was in a backyard. The ceremony was in a green […]

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The outfits are laid out. The floors are mopped. The fridge is stocked. Pantry filled with your favorite goodies. I bought you new socks, underwear, and undershirts. Yet this all does not feel real. Throughout this deployment I’ve had to close off some emotions. This is how I stay “strong” throughout the deployment. I don’t […]

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So lately I’ve been dreaming BIG. I guess it’s because I took a week off and road tripped down to Rome, Georgia to the Pursuit 31 conference, where I was encouraged to rest in the Lord, give him my absolute trust, but to also know that we were not made for small things but for […]

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