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So it’s 10pm and that to me is LATE. With a baby that wakes up five times a night, the smartest thing for me to do is go to sleep. Sometimes sleep doesn’t seem so appealing when you know that others are up late.. working hard. See, I’m competitive at nature. I remember when we […]

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I’ve been here for five days so far, but WPPI started YESTERDAY. I’ve had a few days to mentally prepare myself but I don’t think anything can prepare you for this experience. WPPI is a convention with the most notable photographers from all over the world. They are there to tell you their own mistakes, […]

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I wanted to start helping other fellow photographers out by having a “guest blogger” once a month. I saw this on another photographer’s blog (Katelyn James Photography) and thought it was really neat and created a feeling of support for other photographers. Sometimes photographers get in a “competitive” state of mind… and it actually hinders […]

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