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Congratulations to Sara and Eric for winning the Maternity and Newborn contest!! It was definitely a close call!! For the other contestants, I will be offering a nice 30% sessions for participating! Hope you all have a wonderful Labor day weekend!!!!   xoxo, Sonya  

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One of these lucky couples will win a maternity AND newborn portrait session!!!! Valued at more than $500!! So excited 😀 Rules- 1) Click on this photo below and “share” it! 2) Like the PAGE 3) Lastly, click on the photo you are voting for below, and leave a comment on that blog post. The […]

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While I love capturing two people in love commit their lives to one another on their Wedding day, my new passion is truly capturing the stage that usually comes after that. Motherhood. I guess it’s because I’m a mother and I know how precious and miraculous that time is. Well you’re pregnant for 9 months, […]

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