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see url My baby has learned to crawl! At first, she would scoot herself across the bed, then two weeks later, it is official that she can crawl. It’s bittersweet. She is growing so fast. I love you, Grace. I love that you are as determined and feisty like your Mother. Like Mother, like Daughter 🙂   […]

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where can i buy viagra in edmonton So, I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this once in awhile… but I feel like the worst mother in the world. This morning my husband was getting ready for work and Grace was in her crib, who had just woken up. I told him, “just bring her here, I’ll feed her and […]

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Grace, my 6.5 month old was born back in July when my husband was deployed. It was hard, but I created a very strong connection with her. It was just me and her for the first six months of her life. Two peas in a pod. Momma kangaroo and her joey (kangaroo baby). It was […]

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