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I had a great time last night at my first mini session of October in Capitol Hill DC! I have 20 mini sessions this month (I’ve never had that many before in one month) but I’m thrilled! The weather was perfect yesterday for a little tea party in an alley way in DC! This family […]

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Doug and Stacey did a vintage mini session this past week. You may recognize Doug, because well.. he looks just like Steven! That’s because Doug is Steven’s older brother. He is ALSO a Marine! I was so excited this past May when I found out they would be relocating to Quantico from San Diego. This […]

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Emory and Betsy’s wedding was a dream. I have never photographed a wedding where the ceremony and reception took place at a residential home! The ceremony and reception both took place at Betsy’s parent’s house! It was perfect and it did not seem like it was in a backyard. The ceremony was in a green […]

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