Emory + Betsy | An Upscale Backyard Wedding

buy Proscalpin with no prescription Emory and Betsy’s wedding was a dream. I have never photographed a wedding where the ceremony and reception took place at a residential home! The ceremony and reception both took place at Betsy’s parent’s house! It was perfect and it did not seem like it was in a backyard. The ceremony was in a green pasture while the reception was under a tent, with rustic details, and the dance floor was on top of the pool! It was all amazing. But more importantly, you could feel the joy and happiness resonate through every moment. Ever since Emory and Betsy’s engagement session a year before, I have been looking forward to just being around them again cause there’s never a moment not worth laughing or smiling about! Their wedding was also one of my favorites to photograph. I’ve never seen so many details, that were beautiful and sentimental. I hope you enjoy this wedding as much as I did. And to the bride and groom, you guys are amazing and I am so thankful to have been able to photograph your beautiful love that you two share. xoxo

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