My Most Embarrassing Story

Do you have an embarrassing story that you don’t find as funny as the people you tell it to? I know I do. This is one of them and only after several of my friends said I should blog about it, did I decide to actually type it out. It’s so embarrassing and such a reflection of who I am as a girl that I’m hesitant to even type it out but here I go.

My alarm went off and I got up bright and early before my daughter woke up. We had a big day ahead of us because we were heading up to Virginia for a spontaneous trip, just Grace and I. I was right on schedule and ready to get the day started. Then as I’m getting ready to brush my teeth, I take a second look at my face and my hair. I could not believe what I’m seeing. I moved in closer to the mirror, my eyes getting bigger, my adrenaline racing, my heart dropping…..

There were worms in my hair.

Oh my goodness.

If anyone knows me, I have an absolute, horrible, screaming type reaction PHOBIA to worm like creatures.

My first reaction was to stay calm and figure out if they are really worms… so I hold my breath and move close into the mirror and check to see if there are more in my hair. I look closer and I could not believe what I’m seeing.. they are all over my head. I take one out and at first I examine it.

About a centimeter long, little legs up and down the whole worm, and every time I hold one end, it moves… There’s no face or antennas.. So I’m like, it’s got to be some type of growth from some type of mold. I google it.. and they do EXIST. Flying worms that grow from intense black mold.. I mean, i think the site was reliable.. it did have neon, flashing font.. but I’m SURE at the time, it was the best resource I had!

My second reaction is to call 911. Because the idea of worm type things that… um FLYING in the air, started to freak me out. As I went back into my bedroom to grab my phone, I notice that they are EVERYWHERE in my room.. flying, floating, just chilling in the air that I breathe.

Instead of being over dramatic, I don’t call 911, but I call my husband demanding him to come home and fix this problem because at this point i’m paralyzed with fear. He answers and he tells me to calm down and he says “Honey, I highly doubt there are flying worms that grew from black mold in our house…”

All I could think about how I was going to scream at him if he didn’t come home cause I really didn’t know what to do. So I respected the fact that he was at work and I let it go…but warned him if we died of inhaling black mold.. he was in big trouble! (Melodramatic, I know).

Then, I called the hospital. I tried to explain that there were worms growing in my hair, and that it was no lice or fleas.. but they were white thin worms with lots of legs and that they knew how to fly.

Their reply, “Ma’am, let me connect you to someone who could better serve you.”

That ended in being on the phone for about an hour and they eventually told me to see a dermatologists… which at the time, they had no available appointments.

I was stuck.

After canceling my trip to Virginia, washing all my sheets, showering three times, and praying a few times… I called my friend Gloria who was currently in Nursing school, and I knew she probably knew more than me on stuff like this. I called her and explained her what was going on. Her reply, “Oh eww, hmm.. not sure but you probably need to bring a sample over in a ziploc bag.”

So right away, I caught one of the little boogers, put it in a bag, and drove down the street to Gloria’s house. I was somewhat relieved that I was going to get some answers to this four hour long catastrophe.

She examined it in the bag and said, “Oh yeah, i see it, gross. It’s definitely moving..”

She takes it out and lays it on her wooden table. The thing just laid there.. no movement, nothing.

Gloria concludes what it is. Subtle and calmly says, “Do you have a down comforter?” I reply… “Yes” and I’m just thinking in my head “Omgosh, I actually slept with the down comforter last night without the duvet cover……” She concludes “Well dude, it’s just a feather.” A WHAT? A feather?!?!

I reply, “WHAT? Are you sure? But it was moving. And flying. And it wiggles like a worm for pete’s sake.”

“Nope, Sonya, it’s just a feather. Because feather’s are so light, they move like that.”

So the conclusion is that I canceled my trip, call the hospital, cried, gave myself a panic attack.. over a strand of a feather… I still can’t believe this was all because a strand of a feather.


I still see these little creatures.. all the time and thankfully I just laugh. 🙂

That’s my story….

  • nellieOctober 22, 2012 - 10:43 am
  • AmberOctober 22, 2012 - 10:22 am

    I’m so happy you posted this! It’s hilarious and wonderful! <3

    Also I'm happy the worms weren't real. 😉ReplyCancel

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