Big Dreams, Big Goals

So lately I’ve been dreaming BIG. I guess it’s because I took a week off and road tripped down to Rome, Georgia to the Pursuit 31 conference, where I was encouraged to rest in the Lord, give him my absolute trust, but to also know that we were not made for small things but for GREAT and BIG things. Or in Mary Marantz’s words we were meant to make Big Hairy Audacious Goals, not just tiny goals.

So it got me pumped. It got my blood pumping and my heart racing and my mind spinning. I guess I’m a dreamer, I’ve always been. If I wasn’t a dreamer and a believer that I can do anything that I set my mind to, I probably wouldn’t have ventured into photography two and a half years ago. I probably would of settled in staying in school, learning stuff about political science (like I could get a political science job as a military wife), and stayed wondering “what am I going to do with my life, except be the BEST and most domestic housewife?” Ha! Well I’m obviously STILL the best and domestic (totally sarcastic) house wife. I try. But really, I’m SO thankful my husband and my Dad believed in me 2.5 years ago to turn in my Nikon D80 for a Nikon D700 and start my little adventure as a ‘photographer.’

I’m still learning so much. About myself, about photography, about the business side of things, etc. But the important thing is I’m not sedentary, I’m not staying still. I’m constantly pushing myself, challenging myself, and diving right into where I want to be. Saying “bye bye to my fears of FAILURE,” but saying “hello, dreams, come to me or I’ll come FIND YOU.” Yes. I just said that.

So this brings me to my list of goals. Where do I want to be in a week? A month? A year?


I want to be completely done editing past sessions. I got way behind when I decided to take on a lot of newborn sessions to get my portfolio where I wanted it to be, but thankfully I was able to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND SOME MORE PRACTICE.

Practice shooting some more

Organize my props. For those who know me, they know I’m not the most organized person in the world. So currently my props are just… well all over the place.


Book two more sessions for newborns for the month of November

Budget my business spending (Currently pouring everything into my props, that I need to start budgeting and balancing my spending)

Record receipts


Finish decorating my Studio (Ordered some AMAZING Organic Bloom frames!!!)

BLOG about my Studio. This will be epic. I seriously want to WOW you!!!!


Brand myself to be a “boutique” newborn photographer. I put so much heart and sweat into my work. My husband sees it. In order for me to continue to do what I love, I have to start profiting really soon (currently not profiting at the moment). I have to BELIEVE that what I’m selling is my art work. I do believe it is, but I’m also afraid of being rejected because my prices might be too high. I MUST start believing in myself!!

To find purpose in what I’m doing and to see it everyday. I want my purpose in what I do everyday to truly glorify God. I LOVE what I do, but I love even more that God can use each of us for His purpose. I’m starting to get hints of what He might be calling me to do. Currently praying more about it.

Start an organization or some type of group that gives a free newborn session to those women who will be giving birth without their husbands. Something like this– Military Newborn Session Giveaway.

If you might be interested in being part of the newborn session giveaway– please contact me at I’m only able to take on five at this time, but would love to not leave the other women without another opportunity to get photos. I know there are a ton of photographers out in this area that would not hesitate to help out 🙂

Happy Thursday!





  • GillianOctober 11, 2012 - 1:04 pm

    Sonya, I really admire how driven you are, and even more how you follow up on those dreams with hard work and determination. It is very inspiring!ReplyCancel

  • nellieOctober 11, 2012 - 9:42 am

    Your ambition is so inspiring. Wishing you continued (well deserved) success!ReplyCancel

  • sarah mitchellOctober 11, 2012 - 9:26 am

    Way to go girl! I’m loving reading your posts every day (and makes me want to kick myself in the butt and do the same.. eventually!).
    You are definitely a boutique newborn photographer with all the personalization you put into your shoots and its awesome!ReplyCancel

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