Blessings and Thanksgivings

My handsome husband having a daddy/daughter moment. My heart is just overfilled with joy of all the blessings God has given me.


So this year has been a wonderful and eventful year. I went through my first deployment, had my first baby, realized how much of an amazing Daddy my husband is, had my first wedding season, realized that school/work/baby does NOT work, made some amazing friends, struggled a lot, cried a lot, prayed a lot, and learned a whole lot about myself. It’s crazy to think all the difficult things I went through this past year doesn’t even compare to all the BLESSINGS I had! God is so so good. I got overwhelmed thinking of this past year, and even though I was in survival mode for most of it, recently I feel like I’m finally on my two feet again, and am able to bless others. For most of this past year, I was just trying to get by, to finish work, to be the best Mother I could possibly be, make sure my dog didn’t run away, to make sure the bills were paid, and the dishes were clean…. With all of this, I realized how sometimes, one little blessing can lift someone up in the midst of their “survival mode.” Even if it is just a card, or a home cooked meal, blessing someone is showing the love you have for them, like the love Christ has for us. It’s giving a piece of that love that Christ has showed us. I mean, what better way to show the love of Christ, than to selflessly bless others? Ya know?!

I thought this would be a great opportunity for you to think about someone you would like to bless. Someone you would like to nominate because they have been selfless, or someone you know needs a piece of recognition because of all the hardships they’ve been through, etc. I would LOVE to hear the stories. Monday, July 23rd, the submissions will be placed in an album on my Facebook page as well as my blog. The winner will receive a session from me and the images on a disc.

You can submit your nomination to Please include a description of why they are nominated, a photograph of the nominee, and their email address.

Looking forward to hearing from you 😀





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