Baby’s First Year- Why it Should Be the Most Documented Year of their Life.


Grace turns one today. It has been an unbelievable year. I know that my purpose in this life is to be a Mother. Being a Mother is the most difficult thing I’ve had to do, yet the most rewarding. You learn to be patient, understanding, compassionate, and to have self-control. So many days I have to take three breaths, say a little prayer, and pound some coffee. Why? Because I’m sleep deprived, Grace is irritable (as myself), and it’s only 11am. But then I have wonderful days where things happen according to the routine and Grace is a complete joy to be around (smiling and not screaming). In the end, no matter who is in what mood, being a mother is a wonderful gift and blessing that I strive to never take for granted. They grow up so fast. So fast that I can’t believe that a few weeks ago, Grace started to walk and now she is running. She’s starting to talk and communicate to me through signs and words (rather than crying!).

The first year is a big year. They literally grow from being tiny, miraculous, helpless little newborns, to walking, talking, dancing children. In just ONE year. It’s mind blowing. It goes by so fast that it’s so important to document the year the best you can. Taking a photo once a month is a great way to start it, but I truly believe cause I am a photographer (of course!), that professional photographs are important to get at least three times a year, the first year. Newborn, 6 months (they are so cute and innocent at this age), and then the 1 year portraits. This gives you the peace of mind that your baby’s incredible growth is being documented beautifully and at a high quality. Using your point and shoot is obviously important to take in between those three ages, however, you have to ask yourself, would you frame those images? Framed images are important because it helps you build your home with memories and images of your family that will last for a lifetime.

After realizing this myself, I’ve noticed how wonderful it would be to watch other babies grow and document their milestones. I will now be offering the “Baby’s First Year” packages as a special package that includes a book with images from the three sessions. I’ve been designing Grace’s First Year book and cannot wait to put it on our coffee table. I just have to do her First Year Portraits and the order will be set to go! Here is what I have so far (to give you an idea of what kind of design the album would be). I will be ordering the professional coffee books through this site Eeeeh!!! If you are interested in this package, please email Please do not wait! Your baby’s first year is so so so important to capture! Don’t regret not taking the opportunity to do so. They are only babies for ONE year!!!! 😀 



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