Where have I been?

So I know it’s probably been awhile since I’ve blogged, cause I can’t really pin point the ‘month’ that I last blogged…how sad. I’ve been VERY busy traveling. Grace, Steven, and I traveled up to Virginia and New Jersey in June for weddings, and have currently been traveling the past week and a half to Delaware and Virginia. It’s been busy busy but I do enjoy seeing family and friends who I don’t get to see very often. I will be making an attempt to blog daily during the week. 😀 Keep me accountable if you want!!

Here are some goals my me personally:

-Working out 4x a week

-NO desserts!!

-Doing my quiet time everyday. I found that it has been wonderful to wake up before Grace wakes up and doing it then. It gives me “ME” time before having to take care of Grace. I will admit that it’s hard to be woken up by a crying or talking baby and do all the mommy things… before getting some coffee and really waking up. I’m so much more pleasant with coffee and Jesus!

-Sending more thank you notes. I have moments a few times a week of “ohhh i should totally send them a gift/thank you card”… and never do. I wish people could read my thoughts 🙂

-Organize my spice cabinet…

-Go through my closet and pick out the things I don’t wear and donate it.

-Dance with Grace more. Read to her more…

-Give Steven more kisses 🙂 Okay, I just put that on there cause I miss him. But I really don’t need to make that a ‘goal.’ 😉


Business goals:

-Figure out a faster way to edit. It takes me FOREVER to edit. Especially for weddings..

-Figure out if I want to book more weddings or to really take the year off while Steven heads out again.

-Fix my logo…

-Blog everyday!

-Hire an accountant?

-Maybe hire an assistant/intern?????????


Okay. That was nice to list some of my goals. Katelynjamesblog.com inspired me to do this. Love her blog!!! Excited to see if I can keep up with blogging! Thanks for tuning it and hope you enjoy all the previews below!!



Here are some sessions/weddings that have been keeping me pleasantly busy!


  • Erika :)July 12, 2012 - 4:08 pm

    I’m pretty sure I could help your easily find a good intern – there are SO many college students/just graduated high school students who LOVE photography! They would probably be so much help – plus interns are cheap, definitely cheaper than an assistant!


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