Photography Question #1

Brooke Beason asked

“Hello, I’m a photographer in MO & would love to know more about lighting. Specifically in dark churches. On camera flash, off camera flash, bump up ISO, etc. Thanks! :)”


Hey Brooke! Wow, that is definitely a tricky situation. Some of my “darkest” (no pun intended) moments in photography was over those dark church situations when I first started. How can you resolve a situation, where you actually are not allowed to use your flash?

One time, I had a wedding where the Church coordinator told me that I was restricted to the back of the church, cannot use my flash, but the rest of the congregation can use their point and shoot cameras with their flashes? BOY, that was a tough situation!

What i’ve realized is that different lenses will come in handy in that moment. I use to use my 24-70mm 2.8 for EVERYTHING. I love that lens but I’ve found that my fixed lens 85mm 1.4 G is AMAZING in dark situations where my 24-70mm created more blurry/distorted images. Because of the wide aperture of 1.4 the lens always captures a bright/sharp image if the ISO is high enough (but not too high) and the exposure it set correctly.

I am a self taught photographer so the way I figured out how to use my camera was PRACTICE. Practice, practice, practice. Use your children, pets, husbands, random objects, to learn your camera. Obviously, seek help, but once you seek help, PRACTICE! It’s amazing how much you can learn when you turn your camera on and start playing with the different settings!


The settings when this photo was taken were

Exposure – 1/200 sec at f/ 1.4

ISO- 1000

The lighting in this room was not too dark but the lights were definitely yellow and there were NO windows and the subject was moving. The settings have to be EXACT if you want to get a clear/sharp image. The 85mm 1.4 G lens really helped me out here because of how quickly it can focus and capture the image.



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