Dogs + Baby = :)

Let me start off by saying, having a dog and a baby are individually time consuming. It’s almost like having two babies. My pup, Harrison, who is a blue merle Aussie, thinks he is the baby. Or at least thought he was the baby. He had a lot of adjusting to do once Grace came into our lives. He was always the baby, the one we coddled, the one we sweet talked to… now he is the “bigger brother.” I know, Harrison, the bigger brother? Really? Well, his instincts are slowly setting in with Grace. He’s protective and loves to follow me EVERYWHERE I go, but with Grace, he is a bit hesitant (getting there). He doesn’t favor her, but doesn’t dislike her, he’s just a bit jealous of all the attention she gets. It’s understandable. Thankfully, he’s been reacting in only positive ways. I’m so relieved to know he hasn’t shown aggression towards her. I’m still cautious and I eye Harrison whenever Grace tries to steal anything from his mouth, but he just gives up the toy to her (good boy!).


So even though they are both time consuming individually…. together, they keep each other occupied. I love it. Absolutely love it! I can sit here, blog about my day, while they play catch away. She steals the toy, he steals it back, back and forth til they’re tired of it.


So if you ever think having a dog is “too much work” my advice to you, is that a dog could do wonders for your babies! Apparently children that are raised around pets learn responsibility at an early age and come out to be much calmer later in life! I believe it!

So here you go. My two babies 🙂 In the video below (if it’s working) Grace says “dog.” It’s her favorite word. I predict Harrison and Grace will be two peas in a pod in just a few short years!


On another note, Grace would NOT give up my lens cap. She LOVED this thing if you couldn’t tell from the pictures. She was hugging it, “ice-skating” with it (that means she literally slides all over the floors with it..eek), and crying every time I’d attempt to take it away. It’s kinda cute how she adores it. Maybe she will become a photographer one day, too? Is this a sign?!?!


Oh and Daddy came home early today. Love when he gets to spend part of the afternoon with us.

Love this girl. She brings so much joy into our lives and maybe yours, too! Watching a baby grow is so wonderful and sometimes you miss moments or forget about them! I’m hoping that blogging will help my friends and family watch Grace grow! I know my parents LOVE reading about her and seeing photographs, so no worries, more Grace updates in the future!



  • Bette VerblaauwMay 17, 2012 - 9:34 pm

    Grace is a real BEAUTY! Love the pictures and I also LOVE to read and see pictures of her. Most adorable!

    Love, Great Grandma VerblaauwReplyCancel

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