My Love for Canvases and my Studio

So, I thought my Studio would of been done a month ago. Was I wrong. Maybe I’m just too picky and I just imagined something more ME that I’ve been saving up to really get the things that I love. I don’t want to settle for just any seating, or any wall decor. I want something that represented me PERFECTLY. So it’s been a long time coming and my husband and I predict it to be done next week. We will be hanging everything up and getting it organized. A possible debut on my birthday? That would be the best birthday present I could give myself right now. A beautiful studio… ahhhh 🙂 So lets say MAY 22nd is the day! And no, i’m not hinting for you to remember my birthday 😉 😉

I also thought I’d post about how amazing canvases are. They are expensive, but they are built to last if well taken care of. They are just stunning and there’s no better way to present beautiful images than on a BIG canvas.

Here is a canvas I got in the mail today! This is of a client’s order, my dear friend’s homecoming. She wanted a photo that would capture her and her husband at an emotional yet passionate time of her life. An image that would beautifully capture how young and deeply in love they are. I’m sure they will be even more in love 50 years from now, but this is a time where they will look back at how beautiful, valuable, and passionate their life had been. Ah, I should get one of when Steven first held Grace. DO IT BEFORE YOUR COMPUTER CRASHES. Just sayin’.

That’s all for now! Sorry for not blogging much, motherhood CONSUMES me. I love it though. This is the time to APPRECIATE my time as a first time mommy. Grace has been growing too fast that my heart hurts to see her grow. Soon she will be a kid and not a baby. Bittersweet. But so thankful.
Beautiful image by the awesome Stephanie Messick!

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