Up Late and Deep thoughts

So it’s 10pm and that to me is LATE. With a baby that wakes up five times a night, the smartest thing for me to do is go to sleep. Sometimes sleep doesn’t seem so appealing when you know that others are up late.. working hard. See, I’m competitive at nature. I remember when we use to do the baton relay race in PE. Boy, did I love kicking some butt. I wasn’t always the fastest, but I loved trying to be. Sometimes I’d win, sometimes I came in second, but at least I ran like I was going to win. I have passion, fire, and determination. But what I’m lacking right now is time. Time. 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month, 12 months in a year. Sounds like a lot. It use to be plenty, but now balancing marriage, motherhood, domestic chores, business, friendship, God… I feel like there are only two hours in a day for me to conquer the photography world. Two hours?! I’m pretty sure Justin and Mary spend more than two hours a day to conquer the photography industry! How in the world am I going to manage this? I don’t want to start it and then stop. I don’t want to put one foot in and another out.

If you want to be in it to win it, both of your feet have to be in it. Completely planted firmly, ready to conquer. I know I sound like I’m some warrior, but it’s the truth. People will be ready to push you down. Chew you up and spit you out. If you’re not the best, if you’re not ready to be all that you can be (cheesy, eh?) you’ll be ready to quit before you even reach your potential. And you’re probably wondering, who is going to “chew you up and spit you out?” Um, well, it’s probably going to be your lack of self confidence. You are your worst critic. You’ll constantly compare yourself to others, even if you do make an honest attempt to avoid it, you will eventually find yourself talking yourself down because YOU know you’re not giving it your all.

Example. Remember in high school or college when you spent hours and hours of time on a paper or project. When it was finally time to turn it in, you placed it on your Professor’s desk knowing you were going to get an A. That was your masterpiece, that was your baby, that was the paper that made you proud. Because you deserved it and cause your worked your tail off. Do you also remember the time when you spent, um three hours before class to complete that paper and project, and once you placed it on your Professor’s desk, you knew you failed it?

Yep. Who wants to turn in a paper you know you’re going to get a bad grade on?! Not me!

I almost hit that point where I was ready to back out. The reason being is cause I had one foot in and the other one out. Not because I didn’t want both feet in it… but this past year has been an absolute roller coaster. Who knew someone could get pregnant, husband deploy, attend college, shoot 10 weddings, have a baby, travel to three different countries, take care of two dogs, and finally greet my Marine from war in the same year?! I tell you though, it’s been a year to remember. One year ago my husband deployed. Devastated, scared, nervous, anxious… is just a few words to describe how I felt. God has led me safely through this journey, protecting and giving strength. I’ve been through the “military wife’s” expected adventure. This beautiful adventure. Nothing I regret or change!


To close on this… um ramble? I will say that, I’m ready to conquer this photography industry. I’m really ready. So if you want to venture in this industry, be prepared to invest more time that you have into it. The more time you have the better. The more energy, the more passion, more determination, will get you further. The beauty of the photography industry is that the more time you spend on your work, your brand, your clients, the absolute better YOU will be as a business person but as well as an artist. You can be an artist at nature, but you’re a true artist through the sacrifices, time, and practice you spend on your beautiful masterpieces. Remember, most masterpieces were not made overnight.

Whew, so glad I got that off my chest. 😀

I’m also really excited to reveal the studio soon, once I receive my frames and canvases! So close and so ready for pinterest to see what I’ve got! 😀 Who’s excited?!?!




If you have one foot in and the other one out…. you’ll probably look like this 80% of the time… 😉 Maybe, maybe not.. I just love this photo though! Who is that cutie?!


  • ChloéApril 23, 2012 - 3:50 pm

    Sonya, you are just like an encyclopedia of profound wisdom and inspiration. I love you and I am so thankful for all God is doing through and for you!!! 🙂 Your photography work and your writing is SO beautiful. You are a treasure.ReplyCancel

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