What I’ve learned so far at WPPI

I’ve been here for five days so far, but WPPI started YESTERDAY. I’ve had a few days to mentally prepare myself but I don’t think anything can prepare you for this experience. WPPI is a convention with the most notable photographers from all over the world. They are there to tell you their own mistakes, their failures, their success, their methodology, their “systems,” etc. Every photographer is different, very different, so you learn completely different things from everyone. One photographer will say “you have to know your manual like the back of your hand in order to execute the best photos,” another would say “you don’t need to know your manual, just the shutter button,” true story. So,  you literally just have to soak all the information in, and go with your gut and use the information to supplement who YOU are as a photographer. I’m already so inspired that when I’m in the platform I get kind of anxious. I want to get home and use what I’ve learned.


Highlights of my day:

Nikon cleaned my camera for free. They were so nice and it’s so awesome to meet real people who represent Nikon. I love Nikon. Half of the photographers here use Nikon. For the longest time I felt that everyone uses Canon. Most of the best photographers here use Nikon though 🙂

Steven and I went to the trade show and looked at a bunch of DVD books for our clients. Super excited to get home and buy some for my clients!

Looked at some super cute Kelly Moore bags… still can’t decide if I want one and which one I want.

AH okay, well its only 1:30 pm so the day just started. I’ll be attending several platforms later today.


Things I can’t wait to do when I get home:

-Start reinforcing I want to shoot children and newborns more often. I love Weddings don’t get me wrong, but babies are my new passion. I wonder why……

-Order new DVD cases to make my workflow fast… It’s been really slow lately. The past 8 months have been the craziest. Husband deployed, baby, husband comes back and takes a whole month off to readjust, random trips….. whew. I can’t wait to get back in the swing of things

-Start utilizing my studio. I have this beautiful studio that was the main reason why we bought the house we live in now. It’s gorgeous with a HUGE window, studio lighting everywhere, amazing walls, huge space…. and I go in it maybe three times a week. SO SAD. I mean babies change everything, but hopefully she will have a better nap schedule.

-Start treating my brides as if they were queens. I am not saying I don’t treat them like brides, cause that’s what I strive to do, but I feel like brides need to be treated like QUEENS. When I was a bride, I thought myself literally as a princess or queen. That was the only time I felt like I could act that way (well my husband may differ) but it’s the one time of your life that you should feel that way. You only get married once (well 57% of Americans) and it’s the one time that it is literally all about YOU.

-Finding a better system for my business

-taxes (love tax season)

Okay well that’s it for now. I have a lot more I will blog later. Keep checking back for more updates!




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