How to find your Signature Look

Two years ago, I ventured in the photography industry, unknowing of what the future may hold. I started with a thought, then came encouragement from my husband and father, then I made a website. It was that simple. I didn’t take any classes or get a degree in photography (not saying you shouldn’t, I just didn’t). I merely just believed in myself and took the encouragement of my family and friends to pursue this deep desire and passion I had, that was burning wildly in my heart. Of course, I practiced with my camera. I asked my friends and family if they wanted photos, took any opportunity I could to build my portfolio. After months of practice and soul searching, I found my style. What is my style? Well it’s the use of art and symmetry. Let me explain. I’ve always been an artistic person. I went through high school being known as the artistic asian one (along with my korean sista Jennifer). We took AP art classes, entered contests, utilized art any way we could. I have countless paintings and sketches from elementary, middle, high school and college. I even spent months learning about human anatomy through art (yes drawing lots of naked people, of all shapes and sizes). Art is beautiful but it’s also subjective. My background of art REALLY REALLY shapes the way I approach photography. I want every portrait to be DRAMATIC, for it to pop, for the composition to be perfect, and the lighting to be magical. The use of your past, colors, your style, will shape your signature look. It’s a matter of finding what YOU love , what inspires you, what gives you butterflies (yes when I achieve my signature looks, I do get BUTTERFLIES), AND what represents YOU as an artist 🙂


These photos are ordered from oldest to most current. You can see the subtle change of my style. It’s slowly becoming more crisp and the colors more natural. I think that is inevitable when you learn more about photography and change as an artist. However, I think my signature look is still visible in my recent work. At least I want it too. As you can tell, none of these photos have the subject looking straight at the camera. These photos are the artistic, dramatic, and are mostly symmetrical.

This is my signature look. Enjoy 🙂

I love this photo. It’s magical and dramatic.

If you’d like to learn more about how to find your style, how I created this dramatic look with the lighting and editing, attend my workshop on March 17th!

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