Guest Photographers

enter site I wanted to start helping other fellow photographers out by having a “guest blogger” once a month. I saw this on another photographer’s blog (Katelyn James Photography) and thought it was really neat and created a feeling of support for other photographers. Sometimes photographers get in a “competitive” state of mind… and it actually hinders you from thriving. When you are constantly thinking that you are not good enough cause you are constantly cheapest pharmacy to buy propecia comparing, you waste too much energy that you lose your own identity. It’s a hard thing to avoid, I know, I’ve been there. I still struggle with it. But I remind myself, everyone is different, talented, and “wonderfully made.” Anyways, in support of being yourself and to present a sense of unity among the photography world, I’m going to feature one photographer a month.>toms  

If you are interested in being featured on the blog, let me know! Any photographer, beginning or experienced, can submit and everyone that submits will be featured. This isn’t a “competition” but just an invitation to share your world with others!

One of the upcoming features: Christina Nygaard Photography

Thank you! oxoxox



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